Our Designers, Animators, Production Room Assistants, and Office Assistants work hard to make your projects not only look awesome,
but also bring them to life.


Katie is the Multimedia Coordinator/Digital Designer for commonvision. She is an alum from UMBC and was a CWIT Scholar as well as an IRC Fellow during her education. She graduated in ‘07 with a BA in Visual Arts with double concentrations in Animation and Interactivity as well as double minored in Computer Science and Art History.

She is a Disney aficionado and an avid Pez collector. Katie has acquired a few thousand dispensers over the years and will eventually need a whole house devoted to the hobby, but for now will settle on just a room.

Katie is an animal lover and currently has a corgi and rescued four cats from the evils of outdoor life. 

Click here to see more of her projects.



Emma Hagen is a Graduate Assistant at commonvision, and attends University of Baltimore where she is pursuing her MFA in Integrated Design. Emma has been at commonvision for many years and can answer almost all commonvision related questions.

In her free time she enjoys life as a retired cotton candy making expert and takes photos of her Maine Coon Mix, Poe. If she is not working on a post for the Charm Collectiv blog, she can be found drinking Thai Iced Tea and reading Buffy comics. She appreciates sarcasm and puns. 

Mike is currently working on a degree in computer engineering at UMBC, and is a photographer with a degree from School of Visual Arts. He enjoys a variety of facets of fabrication, be it photography, drawing, writing, and more.

When not busy, he likes to look at pictures of cats on the internet and get filled with envy of their sublimity.

Mike's online portfolio: 


Rebecca Vest is a junior at UMBC majoring in Graphic Design. She also dabbles in photography and is a member of UMBC’s Musical Theater Club. Rebecca works as a Graphic Designer at commonvision.

Rebecca adores anything cute and furry and also loves food more than anything. If you leave chocolate in front of her it is at risk and, yes, she will eat it all. She has a long list of hobbies including but not limited to reading, playing video games, petting her cat, and being a total geek.

Jamie Smith is a Senior working towards a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. She works on campus at commonvision and The Retriever. Jamie is also a freelance designer.

Jamie has been playing piano for fourteen years and is completely obsessed with cats. She LOVES languages. Feel free to use other languages - she is always open to practicing! She is proficient in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and is studying French, ASL, Greek, and MSA (Arabic).



Tory is an iNet animator majoring in animation and interactive media. He has a fondness for 80's sci-fi aesthetic, adventure, and electronic funk music. Aside from the visual arts, he also dabbles in theatre and music composition. In his free time, he enjoys riding his longboard, watching Youtube content, playing video games, and going on long treks through the forest (an endeavor that always --without fail-- results in him getting lost).

If all goes according to plan, Tory hopes to someday make a living as an animator for either a television cartoon studio or a video game studio.

Justyna is a Motion Designer/ Animator at commonvision. At UMBC she studies animation and cinematic arts. Her family is originally from Poland. She is a Linehan scholar, a Woolie, and, most importantly, an artist. 

Her biggest fear is getting her fingers stuck in a bowling ball and/or sunglasses tan. If you ask her what animal she would be, she’d choose a red panda ‘cause they’re squishy and they hop around. On campus, she gets yelled at for trying to touch the geese and the squirrels. If you need a four leaf clover, she can most likely find you one. She loves to go on adventures and make friends with strangers.


Aaron is a visual arts major with a concentration in Animation who loves a good challenge. He spends the majority of his free time either drawing concept and character art, catching up on the latest gaming news, or working on his next animated adventure.

Aside from drawing, Aaron enjoys getting immersed in investigation dramas, watching anime, playing video games, and finding himself lost in deep thought. 

These interests led him to write and draw out his own mystery-adventure fiction, which he hopes he can make into an animated series or graphic novel someday.



Sam is a senior at UMBC pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design. He is a Linehan Artist Scholar and currently works as a graphic designer at commonvision.

In his free time Sam enjoys listening to music that makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry, dancing in socks on wooden floors, and skateboarding neighborhood streets. He also makes many of his own cosmetic products by hand and considers himself an essential oil junkie. Sam fantasizes about living a hermitic life in a tiny cottage in the woods, but at the moment designing stuff is pretty cool too.

Jacqueline Wojcik is a senior at UMBC pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation and Interactive Media as well as a minor in Computer Science.  After graduation, she will move to Norway to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a Viking-- er, to 3D model Viking Age artifacts as a Fulbright Researcher.  She is a member of the Game Developers Club, and loves character rigging for no reasonable reason.  She studied abroad in Scotland, and would move back in a heartbeat.

In her free time, Jacqueline combines her love of history and sewing.  She will talk to anyone and everyone about Viking Age, Medieval, and American Civil War textiles and fashion.  Her hobbies include playing video games, writing stories, swimming, and hiking.


Check out her portfolios here:



Cassie Le is a junior Linehan Scholar currently pursuing a B.F.A in Graphic Design and a B.A. in Biology. In addition to being a Graphic Designer at commonvision, she does design work for the Career Center and Dog-Collar Comedy Troupe. Although her ultimate dream is to be a children's book illustrator, she would also be happy working in graphic design, medical illustration, or even optometry.

Cassie has several hobbies including watercolor painting, contact juggling, martial arts and more. She performs with Dog-Collar Comedy Troupe and can often be found listening to ukulele Ghibli covers while doodling...err studying.



Olivia is a Junior at UMBC with a pursuit in Graphic Design. Her Interests are illustration and bookmaking and she hopes to one day combine those loves into a graphic novel of epic proportions.

She spends the most of her free time drawing portraits, writing horror mysteries, and listening to audio podcasts of web personalities and old time radio. She has 3 cats Tigger, Nutmeg, Apples, and a puppy named Honey. (All dogs are puppies, no exceptions) Her other hobbies include lets-play watching, learning American Sign Language, and singing when she thinks no one is listening.


Marc Lazaga, commonly mistaken as lasagna, is a sophomore at UMBC majoring in Information Systems. Marc is a freelance designer and a production room assistant at commonvision. 

When he is not arduously studying, he enjoys listening and playing music. He has been been playing the clarinet for many years and plays some percussion. He has a second degree blackbelt in taijutsu and really loves turtles, they're the best. You will most likely find him chowing down on Oreos, Oreos and Swedish Fish and Oreos. Surprisingly, he likes cookies and cream ice cream. He also really enjoys naps whenever the rare occasion appears, by the way is it nap time yet?


'm a sophomore at UMBC majoring in Media and Communications, and minoring in Creative Writing. I'm a member of filmmakers anonymous, and a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. I also work as an office assistant at commonvision.

I'm obsessed with all things pugs, and will most likely cry if I see one in person. Pizza is my one true love because it will never judge you. On a typical day you can find me watching Facebook cooking videos, wishing I could cook. If life goes right, I hope to work in TV and film development as a script editor.


Aldi is a freshman at UMBC in the Honors College, currently pursuing a degree in computer science.

On top of his job, he likes to spend time telling people the joys of running the global supermarket chain, ALDI, even though he has no ties with it whatsoever. He turns to film making as a creative outlet, and does some beat making in the side every now and then. He also enjoys playing video games.

He wants to eventually start a company in hopes to make it big in the world. If not, then working at Google would be ideal. If all else fails, expect to see him on the streets on New York handing out fire mixtapes.