Our Designers, Animators, Production Room Assistants, and Office Assistants work hard to make your projects not only look awesome,
but also bring them to life.


Katie is the Multimedia Coordinator/Digital Designer for commonvision. She is an alum from UMBC and was a CWIT Scholar as well as an IRC Fellow during her education. She graduated in ‘07 with a BA in Visual Arts with double concentrations in Animation and Interactivity as well as double minored in Computer Science and Art History.

She is a Disney aficionado and an avid Pez collector. Katie has acquired a few thousand dispensers over the years and will eventually need a whole house devoted to the hobby, but for now will settle on just a room.

Katie is an animal lover and has a corgi named Gadget and has rescued four cats from the evils of outdoor life. 

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Emma Hagen is the Coordinator for commonvision, Print Production and Designer.  She is pursuing her MFA in Integrated Design at University of Baltimore. Emma has been at commonvision for many years and can answer almost all commonvision related questions.

In her free time she enjoys life as a retired professional cotton candy spinner, and taking photos of her cats, Poe and Oz. You'll likely find her sipping iced tea or watching Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Sophia Obrebski is a sophomore Photography major with an Art History and Printmaking minor! She is a Linehan scholar that works as an office assistant at commonvision. In the oncoming year, she plans to work to get her personal trainer and yoga certifications! Before commonvision she worked in an ice cream parlor and portrait studio, so if you ever need a quality shake or a portrait taken she's your girl. And to answer the question everyone asks, she doesn't have a preference between being called Sophia or Sophie, but most just call her Sophie. Take your pick!

Her favorite foods are ice cream, dark chocolate, coffee, and burgers (not all at once), and loves excessively using exclamation points!!!! She is currently the proud owner of a rotund beagle, two cats, and a bunny; but she has big pet plans for the future! In her downtime she enjoys cooking, exercising, and pestering her pets to go and get a job-they live here too, where's the rent money? 


Mike is currently working on a degree in computer engineering at UMBC, and is a photographer with a degree from School of Visual Arts. He enjoys a variety of facets of fabrication, be it photography, drawing, writing, and more.

When not busy, he likes to look at pictures of cats on the internet and get filled with envy of their sublimity.

Mike's online portfolio: 


Sohei is a sophomore majoring in animation and is an animator and motion designer for commonvison. A former MickyD's worker and breakfast chef, he now studies to make cartoons! Sohei enjoys making things whether its drawings, stories, piano songs, or dancing bear GIFs. In his free time, you'll catch him watching cartoons, playing volleyball, or beating kids at Tetris 99.


Noah is an animator at commonvision and junior pursuing a B.A. in Visual Arts with a dual-concentration in Animation and Photography, and hopes to work somewhere fun in the animation business. Principal interests for Noah’s work outside of commonvision are stop-motion, film photography, and analog media.

Outside of work, Noah loves going out with friends, listening to indie music, drinking black coffee, and discussing everything arbitrary. If you’re looking for a long conversation, ask Noah about motorcycling, medieval life, or how cool alternative process photography is.


Hannah is a senior Visual Arts major with a concentration in animation. She is an animator / motion designer at commonvision.

Although primarily focused on motion graphics, Hannah was inspired to go into animation by directors like Satoshi Kon and Wes Anderson. She grew up in Utah and has been exploring national parks since she could walk, and tries to visit a new place each year!  Her free time is usually filled with intensive planning for her awesome future garden, reorganizing her desk for the umpteenth time, and listening to music. 



Kellee Roeder is a motion designer at commonvision and a junior at UMBC, majoring in Animation. Her favorite animation subjects are cute characters!

Besides art and animation her interests lie in cooking, gardening, and watching cartoons. She loves to explore different creative outlets and probably has a new favorite hobby every month. Her latest exploration? Homemade cat toys.

When she graduates Kellee will continue working in motion graphics somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard.

Online Portfolio:


Michelle is a Graphic Designer at commonvision. She is a sophomore at UMBC majoring in Graphic Design. When she graduates, she hopes to work for a design or advertising company and freelance illustrate. She’d also like to explore animation and web design on the side.

Other than design, she loves drawing, folding origami, and petting friendly dogs in her free time. She also likes learning other languages! She’s slowly but surely learning bits of Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, as well as Japanese and Korean. She finds mushrooms cute and fascinating and thinks they have the best of both worlds being like animals and plants!

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Liliane Ventrone is a junior at UMBC pursuing a Biological Sciences B.S. with a minor in chemistry. She is an office assistant at commonvision as well as an undergraduate research assistant in the Chemistry department. When she is not hiding in the lab, or in commonvision, you can find her sitting at the campus Starbucks nearly every day of the week. Not even an exaggeration. She is a portrait photographer and will take your LinkedIn profile picture if you ask her.


Zachary Barker-Frey is currently a graphic designer at commonvision and a Sophomore at UMBC, majoring in Animation with an Entrepreneurship minor.

Music is super important to Zach, and he listens to a little bit of everything (he loves indie stuff the most probably). In his free time he plays some video games, messes with physical and digital art, and one day hopes to actually read a book!

His dream job would probably be to work for a super cool animation studio!


Julia Blurton-Jones is an animator at commonvision. She's currently a Sophomore at UMBC. She's an animation major with a minor in both printmaking and Entrepreneurship. 

She likes to do all sorts of art: traditional, digital, and sometimes both at the same time! Woah! Her goal is to one day create some cartoons that make people laugh.

When she's not drawing, Julia likes to listen to podcasts, sing loudly in the car, and go on hikes. She was last spotted somewhere in the national parks of upstate New York.


Jenna is a Junior at UMBC pursuing two degrees in Information Systems, and Music Technology. She is the Music Director for the UMBC Stilettos and spends all of her free time (which isn’t much) sitting in the studio. When she’s not creating music or running across campus you can catch her eating good food and laying in a hammock.

Special talents include falling over while standing still and making “mmm”s and “hmmm”s for your local voice over studios. She loves puns so please stop by and give her your worst one!


Alexis is a senior majoring in Visual Arts with a concentration in Film and possibly a dabbling in Communications. She has worked in many parts of the Commons, which include Flat Tuesdays, the Gameroom, and of course, commonvision! More recently, she will be the Social Media Intern for Student Life for the 2017-2018 academic year. She is also a fellow sister, and Public Relations for her Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter.

When she graduates from UMBC, she hopes to move to a big city, like Los Angeles or Seattle and work in either film production, public relations or photography. Ultimately, she wants to travel the world!

She's an advocate for gluten free living and loves to cook a variety of different meals. She also has an appreciation of different cultures. Specifically, she was in a Korean mode for over 5 years, but she's venturing out for new experiences. She loves crafting for other people, especially when her photography is involved. She loves pictures and taking them of people as her favorite hobby! For people to feel great about themselves and the outcome of the photo is a great accomplishment for her!

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Susanna is an Office Assistant working at commonvision. She is a junior Individualized Studies Major focusing on Art and Custom Prosthetic Design. She hopes to some day design custom prosthetic and accessibility devices for people personalized to their own aesthetic preferences.

While her academic interests lie in accessibility and accessibility design, she spends a lot of her free time drawing, taking walks, and watching too many street food preparation videos on YouTube. She is a big fan of the X-Files and loves sci-fi and horror, especially classics like Ray Bradbury stories and movies like As Above So Below. She also loves shopping at thrift stores, almost 80% of her wardrobe has probably come from thrifting.


Daniel is an office assistant at commonvision who is a junior Psychology major specializing in Human Services with an Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor. He is also pursuing a certificate in Psychology of the Workplace in addition to earning his bachelor’s degree. Daniel has many years of working experience in customer service, and has a genuine passion for assisting others. He is always more than willing to go above-and-beyond in making a customer’s creative idea a reality here at commonvision. 

In his free time, he enjoys hiking at Patapsco Valley State Park with his dog, Foxy “Magic” Brown. Other interests include spending time with family and friends, ordering take-out food while watching horror movies from the early 80’s to mid 90’s, and discovering new music that gives excitement and energy to his usual everyday events.

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Ashlee is a BFA student studying graphic design and print making here at UMBC and works in the print production room at commonvision!

Her hobbies include singing with the Cleftomaniacs on campus, making resin art, and watching hours on end of vine compilations (which says a lot since vines are only six seconds long...) If you ever need a vine/meme reference, she's your girl!


Sebastian is double majoring in psychology and media & communication studies and spends his free time buying plants, writing poetry, watching movies, consuming caffeine, and thrift shopping. He enjoys working towards maintaining social justice and sustainability in his community. He's also a vegan, but he promises not to talk about it.


Amy Phan is majoring in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and Computer Science. After she graduates, she hopes to work with websites and UI while doing other freelance art. Since she was a little kid, she liked to travel around and learn about the different cultures and languages. Someday she hopes to learn Japanese but right now is quite fluent in 3 other languages such as English, Dutch, and Vietnamese! In my free time she watches a lot of shows, creates illustrations, and cooks. A few of her favorite but really quick dishes to make are the beef and broccoli, and miso soup.


Marissa is a graphic designer for commonvision and pursuing a graphic design degree with a minor in information systems. In addition to working at commonvision, you can find her as a Writing Center tutor in the library.

When she's not staring at a screen, she likes to do anything involving the outdoors. So, if you ever need someone to help you design a poster, edit a paper, then go on a hike, you know who to call.

If you see her walking around campus with headphones in, she's probably just listening to a new playlist on Spotify or a true crime podcast. She's all ears to any music or podcast recommendations!