The iNet Studio is the digital signage service of commonvision dedicated to producing broadcast-quality motion graphics for the UMBC campus.


We are currently broadcasting iNets to three digital signage locations: the Career Center office, throughout the The Commons, as well as the UC Plaza (with more locations to come!). Have a digital sign you manage? We can create content for you!


Anyone at UMBC can advertise! If you have a student ID, chartstring or department card, you are welcome to use our services. An iNet is for the purpose of advertising an event, an awareness campaign or for announcements specific for and from the UMBC community. 



Event Highlights are custom animations which advertise a single event, deadline or announcement for student groups and faculty. They typically include the event's information, a logo, and the all-important contact information. Event Highlight inets are broadcast for the two weeks prior to, and throughout the duration of your event.

awareness CAMPAIGN

Campaigns are larger projects involving the production of either a longer inet or multiple inets with semester-long creative elements. Attract new members and explain what you do! We’ll work with you to script, shoot, and animate a custom-made inet for your organization. Campaigns are broadcast for 4 months (the length of a semester).

Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day, Career Week, Quadmania and International Education Week are some examples of iNet Campaigns we have tackled in the past.



The Whole Shebang, our most flexible package, can consist of multiple inets and/or run over a longer period of time. These can also be single inets that are time-intensive. If your project doesn't fit into one of our other categories this would most likely be your best bet. Contact us for more information about this package.



Bumper Identities include animation of a logo and basic contact information. Once complete, a Bumper Identity is generally added to the end of any future animations we produce for your group.



For any student organizations who wish to be featured on inet, but don’t have funds or time, weekly event round-ups (based on the commonvision weekly posters) are animated and broadcast each week and feature all Student Org events. All a Student Org needs to do to be featured is have their event on myUMBC the week before their event. NOTE: myUMBC events must be open to all UMBC students.

inet Type Price* Duration Production Time Broadcast Length
Bumper Identity $35 10-15 seconds 3-5 business days N/A - For use in another animation/video
Event Highlight $50-$100 20-30 seconds 5-10 business days 2 weeks
Campaign $100-$200 case dependent case dependent 4 months
(campaign rotation)
The Whole Shebang $200+ case dependent case dependent case dependent
Still Image/JPEG Format
(Subject to Approval)
$10 10-20 seconds same day (or closest business day) 2 business days

*Prices as of Fall 2013


Love your inet too much? It's okay, we get that way too. For $25 a month (for up to four months) you can rebroadcast or extend the broadcast time of your iNet.

To request an iNet please fill out either our Department or Student Organization Design & Animation Request Form. For any general questions please email inet@umbc.edu.

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