NEW: UMBC Business Cards

Effective January 1st, 2019 commonvision will no longer be producing UMBC Business Cards. All UMBC stationary is to be purchased based on UMBC Style Guide guidelines.

Setting Up Your File

  • SIZE Under page setup, change the height and width to the dimension of your final print-out. If your poster is very large, you can work at half size. (For 42”x46” poster, you can set your file to 21”x23”).

  • COLOR SETTINGS Set your document to CMYK colors, not RGB. RGB is for video, broadcasting, and film, NOT printing.

  • IMAGES For images, have a minimum resolution of 150dpi.

  • LOGOS If you plan on using any UMBC logos, please refer to the UMBC Style Guide at

  • FONTS Keep it simple. Use no more than 3 fonts. It is best to use standard fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Myriad, or Palantino. Be sure the font size is large enough to read. A good rule of thumb is 28 point for text and 38 for titles if your poster is larger than 20x30.

  • LAYOUT For readability, make sure there is enough contrast between text and background colors. Dark type on a light background is best, and avoid placing type on top of an image. Do not fill every inch of the poster. Leave some white space to make the poster more readable.

Tips for Printing

  • SAVING Flatten your files as much as possible into .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files.

  • BOOKLETS For booklet printing, export a .pdf of your file, in addition to packaging your file with all of your fonts and images. (InDesign > File > Package or Illustrator > File > Package).

  • READY TO PRINT? When you're ready to print, bring us your file on a flash drive or email it to us at

  • PAYMENT We accept payment via Campus Card, Department Card, or authorized Chartstring Number.


  • TIME ZONE We use Google Calendar to schedule our appointments. Please make sure your calendar is in Eastern Time (spring/summer) or Eastern Standard Time (autumn/winter). If not you could show up for an appointment when no one is available!

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Please schedule your appointment here.

  • PROCESS It can take 30 mins to an hour to complete the entire process of taking the photo, printing, and cutting. If you wish to wait you may or you may come back once we send an email that your photos are complete. Let us know at your appointment if you are waiting or coming back.


  • PRICING Pricing for this service is a $5 setup fee then 0.25 per gram/foot of filament. There may be an additional $5 cleanup fee if you would like us to remove support structures for you.

  • FILE TYPE All we need is an STL file!

  • SIZE We have several M3D printers and we can print up to 4 inches in each direction. If you'd like more information about the printers please check out: You can even download the free software to see how your model looks to our printer.

    We also have a Lulzbot Taz 6 that can print 11" x 11" x 9". For more information on this printer visit:

  • 3D MODELING SERVICES: $15/hr for students and $35/hr for staff

  • FILAMENTS: We have a variety of colors in PLA. Come check out our samples!

  • TURNAROUND TIME Please give us a 5-10 business day turnaround as 3D printing is not a perfect science and may take several attempts to get you a good print.

  • NOTE We can only create items that take 8 hours or less to print. RIght now we are having our printers only run when people are in the office and cannot handle anything that takes longer.

  • SUBMIT Please fill out our 3D Printing Submission Form for all 3D requests.