Sophia Obrebski is a sophomore Photography major with an Art History and Printmaking minor! She is a Linehan scholar that works as an office assistant at commonvision. In the oncoming year, she plans to work to get her personal trainer and yoga certifications! Before commonvision she worked in an ice cream parlor and portrait studio, so if you ever need a quality shake or a portrait taken she's your girl. And to answer the question everyone asks, she doesn't have a preference between being called Sophia or Sophie, but most just call her Sophie. Take your pick!

Her favorite foods are ice cream, dark chocolate, coffee, and burgers (not all at once), and loves excessively using exclamation points!!!! She is currently the proud owner of a rotund beagle, two cats, and a bunny; but she has big pet plans for the future! In her downtime she enjoys cooking, exercising, and pestering her pets to go and get a job-they live here too, where's the rent money?