Alexis is a senior majoring in Visual Arts with a concentration in Film and possibly a dabbling in Communications. She has worked in many parts of the Commons, which include Flat Tuesdays, the Gameroom, and of course, commonvision! More recently, she will be the Social Media Intern for Student Life for the 2017-2018 academic year. She is also a fellow sister, and Public Relations for her Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter.

When she graduates from UMBC, she hopes to move to a big city, like Los Angeles or Seattle and work in either film production, public relations or photography. Ultimately, she wants to travel the world!

She's an advocate for gluten free living and loves to cook a variety of different meals. She also has an appreciation of different cultures. Specifically, she was in a Korean mode for over 5 years, but she's venturing out for new experiences. She loves crafting for other people, especially when her photography is involved. She loves pictures and taking them of people as her favorite hobby! For people to feel great about themselves and the outcome of the photo is a great accomplishment for her!