Lets talk about creating a Project page. There are three sections you need to edit after duplicating this page. Please duplicate this page and not just use it, that way you will always have a template.

First section is under the settings in the backend, when you open this you will need to re-name the Navigation Title, Page Title, as well as URL. Also under Description you will see Project Title in bold, this correlates to the header title on the actual page. Make sure that you rename this as well as making sure it is bold. Finally in here, drop the image into the Thumbnail Image section so that we have an image behind our header and header title.

Finally, replace the image above as a 800px (height) 72DPI RGB image. Remember that with these sliders we need to keep the images the same height & width, otherwise it will result in cropped images. Unfortunately there is not a work around for that in the code I can find. Replace this text describing the project as well as filling in the next column.

What is it.

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What we did.

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