Kaylee Zielinski

Kaylee is a jack of all trades at commonvision. Her primary duties include, but are not limited to, servicing students and staff, communication, billing, social media, and production. She loves commonvision because, to her, it is where all the magic happens and there is a constant stream of creativity flowing throughout the office. The ever-changing day-to-day tasks keep her passionate about the storefront, as well as her drive to continue to learn and thrive in her position. Kaylee is involved in an assortment of committees on campus. She is a part of the Student Event Recognition Committee and assists with The Commons Student Training, as well as the Green Dot Campaign. She is the Vice President for the Media Communication Studies Council of Majors and is also obtaining a minor in Journalism.

When she isn’t obsessing over her cats and being a foster parent for the MDSPCA, Kaylee’s life revolves around music. She is a music fanatic who constantly travels to attend festivals and see her favorite bands live in concert. In addition to seeing live music, Kaylee spends her time writing and editing for a music magazine, Appalachian Jamwich, in which she is the Executive Editor. She would love to continue to work in the music industry, hopefully turning her experience into a paid position relating to marketing through social media, event coordination or production and journalism.