50 Paws for 50 Years

We have created 50 paws for the 50th anniversary of UMBC! We have placed these 50 paws all around campus.

Each paw contains a unique design as well as an interesting factoid about UMBC.

Post a photo with the different paws around campus and you could win!


  • Take a selfie, posed, filtered, or fun photo with a paw

  • Post it to Instagram or Facebook with #UMBC50Paws

  • Make sure your profile/the post is public for us to find it

  • The person with the most paws will win a Starbucks gift card

  • Runners up will receive another great prize

Winners will be drawn after UMBC’s Homecoming in early October.

Here are some clues to help lead you around campus:

  1. Whether printing a banner or a quarter sheet, the prices here can’t be beat.
  2. The brains of the Commons, down the hall from Skylight, this office also has the heads of Student Life.
  3. Wednesdays for trivia this is the place to be. Get some beer or some wine or some bubble tea.
  4. After a long day of classes, take a break from school. Play some video games, table tennis, or shoot some pool.
  5. This space is the place for club involvement, and it’s also the seat for our student government.
  6. UMBC was a commuter school at the very start. This office ensures those students still take part.
  7. School supplies and apparel as far as you can see, don’t forget your textbooks, binders, and maybe a new PC.
  8. You’ll find the office of the Vice President across from the admins. If Dr. Young is available, she’ll surely invite you in.
  9. Whether a soda, some medicine, or some kind of juice, this space can provide that little afternoon boost.
  10. A place of quiet reprieve if you’d like to step in, the only requirement is that you respect women.
  11. Whether you’ve had a bad day, or have something to report, these offices will meet you with all types of support.
  12. The oldest auditorium that still supports class, or catch a few flicks with a semester movie pass.
  13. UMBC focuses on emerging technology; this program ensures it meets that with diversity.
  14. All day come on by and grab a bite, or when those cravings strike hit up Late Night.
  15. A courtyard and wings, with swipe access on the doors, this dorm is named after a body of water in Baltimore.
  16. Here is where they’ll treat a cut, sprain, or infection. Or provide a massage to release some tension.
  17. Want to live on campus? This is the place to be. They’ll assign you a room and give you the key.
  18. This river forms the border between Baltimore County and Howard County.
  19. The river forms the border between Maryland and Virginia.
  20. Go here for a moment of quiet contemplation, while surrounded by nature and stony formations.
  21. This river is the longest river on the East Coast of the United States.
  22. The latest apartments to get a fix up, this is the space where you can pick your packages up.
  23. These tall apartments guard the top of campus like a fort. It’s also the only place with a sanded volleyball court.
  24. Whether running, swimming, or lifting weight, this is the place to get in shape.
  25. You see a beautiful mural inside this building on Academic Row.
  26. What’s bronze, has a lucky nose, four legs, and never moves?
  27. You’ve worked out, you’ve sweated, you got your pulse up. Now this is the closest place to hop on the bus.
  28. Two areas of study make up the name of this building.
  29. This H-shaped building has a courtyard in the middle.
  30. You would lose in a staring contest with this figure on Academic Row.
  31. Because intelligence is not defined by your sex, this office pushes for more women in tech.
  32. This building has a great formula for views of the library and Pond on Academic Row.
  33. Come find me at the tallest building on campus!
  34. Rock out to the latest jams and talk shows on the plaza.
  35. One of the main locations for large scale entertainment, from hypnosis to fashion shows to cultural events.
  36. Whether you’re an undergrad, grad, or doctorate, this center is always on the leading edge of tech.
  37. No matter how your UMBC journey was set to begin, they were the ones to let you in.
  38. Centered in a building dedicated to technology, sometimes you can even spot a student-made dune buggy.
  39. Play your part and come view some art!
  40. The newest building on campus, this is the place to catch a moving concert performance.
  41. This is a nice place to relax by the water on Academic Row.
  42. Here you can work out some deals for money so your college is as sweet as honey.
  43. Named for the first chancellor of UMBC, this is where they hang art or documents for all to see.
  44. You’ll be a pig in mud with the scenic views of this pond.
  45. High above and surrounded by books, these windows provide one of the best campus looks.
  46. This building sits at the end of a dormitory line and also houses Lecture Hall number nine.
  47. Near to the Commons and full of laboratories, this building is topped by a green laser-emitting observatory.
  48. To properly park and avoid getting a ticket, make sure to stop by here and get a parking permit.
  49. Walking to this farm-like structure is quite a hike, but driving in the entrance it is quite the sight.
  50. The largest venue for watching athletics outside, come out, cheer loud, wear your colors with pride!