Meet Our Staff!! Amy Berbert

cv: What is your role at commonvision? 

Amy Berbert: My role here at commonvision as a graphic designer is to create awesome things for awesome people.


cv: How/When did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

AB: I knew I wanted to be a designer when I was 13 and I had to create designs and patterns for horse jumps at the farm I was working at one summer.


cv: Are there any designs or projects that you are particularly fond of having created?

AB: My favorite project I have created on my own is a series called "Visit" In this series I created posters for a number of different places around the world depicting famous locations within that country or city. Each poster said "Visit" and then the name of that particular location. My favorite project I have worked on here is the Fall Hours signs for The Commons.


cv:  So, when did your obsession with animals begin?

AB: I have loved animals since the day of my birth. I slept in my dog's crate more than I slept in my own bed as a child.


cv: How many animals are too many for one person to have?

AB: There is no limit on the number of animals one person can have because there is no limit on the number of animals one person can love.


cv: You also like to ride horses, do you ride in competitions or is it just for fun?

AB: I used to ride competitively in High School, I even got first place at the Pony Club Regional Eventing Rally one year. But since starting college I don't have the time or money to compete anymore.


cv: What are your plans after you leave commonvision and graduate from UMBC?

AB: I would love to combine my three loves of design, photography, and food and work for an upscale restaurant taking photographs of the menu items as well as designing advertisements and the menus themselves. Secretly though I have always wanted to design the horse jumps in the Equestrian division of the Olympics.