Meet Our Staff!!

Regine Daniels is a rising senior at UMBC, with a BA in Graphic Design, a minor in French Language and Communication, and a Certificate in Spanish Studies.

She works as a Graphic Designer at commonvision but when not in front of a computer screen, can be found making and consuming burrito bowls, illustrating, or sleeping. She also loves old salsa music and all things burgundy.


commonvision: What is your role at commonvision? How long have you been working there?

Régine Daniels: I'm a Graphic Designer (and sometimes paper-cutter) at commonvision and I've been here since April!

cv: How/When did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

RD: I was an artsy kid growing up, and I especially loved to make things for other people. I learned of and applied for an STI program at my high school for Graphic Communications and ever since my 8th grade year, I knew that I wanted to pursue Graphic Design as an occupation.

DB: Are there any designs or projects that you are particularly fond of having created? (I know that you just started, so it can projects you did for classes or on your won)

In my time of being here, it's funny that I've found fun in making infographic projects like brochures and handouts just because I like to see design put into practical use that isn't solely for aesthetics.


DB: So, why does your avatar have no eyes? Are you a mythical creature?

RD: I am actually an inland mermaid and similar to vampires who don't show up in pictures, neither do our eyes. Or maybe I just didn't feel like making them look decent and not like asymmetrical raisins.


DB: What is your fascination/obsession with burgundy?

RD: For some reason, I've always just loved the way burgundy looks on anything, including myself. One of my sorority's colors is burgundy, my hair is burgundy, my lipstick tends to be burgundy. I don't like red wine but if I did, it'd be burgundy.

DB: What are your plans after you leave commonvision and graduate from UMBC?

RD: It is my plan to jump right into the design scene in Maryland and work either for an agency or as an in-house designer. I'm keeping my options very open so that I can experience as much as possible before focusing on a single field.