Mezzanine Exhibition

Here is the information for the current exhibit in the Mezzanine Gallery. commonvision installed this show this morning. The exhibition is in conjunction with the Critical Social Justice "Creating Brave Spaces" program this week.

Critical Social Justice: Creating Brave Spaces Art Gallery


Gallery statement

Feminists and activists have often used art to express the tensions they have felt in their struggle for liberation and self-determination in the face of oppressive societal limitations imposed upon their bodies and their minds. The theme of Critical Social Justice 2015 is Creating Brave Spaces and the artists in these pieces have explored these theme in their artwork. Their work explores the possibilities for rejecting expectations, overcoming violence, reimagining strength and a call for solidarity, and decolonizing self-representation.

What does brave space mean to you? How are your creating brave spaces in the classroom, on campus, and in your communities?