Meet Sette Delisle

commonvision: What is your role at commonvision? How long have you been working there?

Sette Delisle: I work as an animator and resident lipstick enthusiast at commonvision, and I've been working there for probably about 4-5 months now? it's kind of hard to keep track, it definitely doesn't feel like it's been that long!

cv: How/When did you know that you wanted to be an animator?

SD: It's super cheesy, but growing up I always loved cartoons, even during that time in 8th grade when everyone started watching MTV to be cool, I tried to get into that, but I just wasn't interested. But I do remember the exact moment when I decided I wanted to be an animator. In high school, one of my best friends was having a really tough week, she was helping to direct the school musical but the actual director was being really hard on her and she felt like people were talking about her behind her back, so she came over to my house for a few hours for some company. After she vented to me, we ended up just hanging out and watching cartoons for a little while, since that's what always made me feel better, and I was hoping it might help her too. When I was driving her back to her house she thanked me and said that it had helped her a lot. As soon as she said that I realized that I wanted to do for other people what cartoons had done for me and for her. I decided to become an animator to help people because the world is a hard place to live in, and maybe if we have some characters that we relate to a world that we can escape into, even just for a little bit, maybe it'll be a little bit easier to live in. It's kind of a far-fetched idea that I could make that difference, but it's really what drives me to work hard. 

cv: What is the best thing about working at commonvision?

SD: The environment at commonvision is really great to be around and it kind of motivates me to do my best when I'm working. I've worked at other places where either the people or the type of job made it really hard to feel welcome or comfortable at all. I'm really grateful to have this job because, not only am I doing a job that I love, but I'm doing it around people who make me feel like I belong there, even though I'm really quiet and shy. 

cv: Are there any projects that you are particularly fond of having created? 

SD: In terms of work, I really like how the animation for Homecoming Week came out, and I'm also pretty excited about how the Training Centers video came out, even though that ended up taking a lot longer than it should've. In terms of personal projects, most of the ones that I'm most excited about are currently being worked on. I have a couple big animations that I'm working one, one that is almost finished, and one that I'm just getting started on, but my roommate and I are also planning a webcomic, but we'll see if anything actually comes out of that.

cv: What is your favorite nickname that you have been called? Corset or Coaster? Are there any others?

SD: haha Coaster's definitely the best one I've gotten recently! Settle is another one that I get a lot, but that's mostly autocorrect's fault. I have some people who spell my name Cassette and some people have called me Colette, and the people at Starbucks call me Sunny because I felt bad having to spell it for them every time. Ever since the new Les Miserables movie came out, though, I usually just get people singing to me or asking me if I dream of a castle on a cloud, which I really can't complain about to be honest. 

cv: Your dream job would be working for the Cartoon Network, at least according to your bio on the website! Do you have a favorite cartoon you would love to work for? Also, what show, past or present would have been the best one to work for ever?

SD: Oh man! if I had to pick one, I'd have to say my favorite cartoon that I'd want to work for right now is Steven Universe. I really like the characters and the colors are really pretty, but I think most of all, I love the positivity of the show! It's really refreshing to see characters interact in a way that makes you feel like they actually get along and feel human. On top of that the crew that's working on it seems to be a lot of young people who really like what they do and I'd love to be part of a group like that! Also, I'm a really big fan of sea creatures and space, so the aesthetics of the show are generally really appealing to me. I think aside from Steven Universe, if I could work on any show throughout time, I'd have to pick Courage the Cowardly Dog. Even though Gennedy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken, and Lauren Faust essentially shaped my childhood with the shows they produced, Courage had some of the best, most emotionally connected episodes I remember watching as a kid. I remember people thinking that show was really weird, and it definitely was, but it also had some amazingly beautiful storylines. My favorite episode, probably of any show in general, is The Last of the Starmakers. The idea is incredibly inspirational for me, since it works around two things, I absolutely love, squids and space, and, even though the ending is bittersweet, it gives off a pretty hopeful feeling for the future.

cv: How did your obsession with lipstick happen? 

SD: I don't really remember specifically when, but i think it started a few years ago after I started getting really into dyeing my hair, but I decided that I didn't have enough colors on my head/face area so I tried some fun eyeshadow, but that wasn't enough either so I started looking into lipsticks. My mom also likes lipstick a lot, so I got some hand-me-downs from her, but, since she's into the more normal colors, like reds and pinks, they weren't enough for my colorful taste, so I tried looking around for more interesting colors and ended up finding a lipstick company that sells a really wide range of colors and shades for a pretty affordable price. After I got a few of those, I started mixing shades and colors and just experimenting with them in general, now I have about 25 different colors from red and pinks to greens and blues. To be perfectly honest, that doesn't feel like a whole lot, but I'm still expanding my collection, plus my favorite lipstick company just came out with a new type of lipstick with different shades, so I'm planning on getting a few more soon. 

cv: Speaking of obsessions, what is your favorite animal ever?

SD: That's a really hard question! realistically I'd have to say cats, since they're been my favorite for pretty much my whole life and I have four of them. But I also grew up playing Sonic games, so hedgehogs are pretty close, plus I just got a pet hedgehog and he's pretty great, his name's Cannoli and he's adorable. Aside from those two, I'd have to say either Cuttlefish or Pangolins, which aren't my absolute favorites but they're so close it's really hard for me to leave them out!

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