Welcome Week 2014

We here at commonvision do a great many things in the office. We are the print, design, and animation studio for UMBC. Our designers and animators meet daily with students, staff, and faculty to create awesome projects for a wide range of UMBC events and initiatives. 


But we also do more than create new logos for departments, marketing packages for student org events, iNets promoting Athletic intra-mural signups and film festivals, or print thousands of posters, banners and booklets each semester for the UMBC community. We also do things like organize the "Leave Your Mark" event for incoming freshmen and transfer students, offer team building exercises such as mural painting for various departments within Student Affiars, and photos of major events that (seb) organizes on campus. These events happen at the beginning of each semester, especially in the beginning of the fall semester. Below are some of the images from those events, which include Big Crazy Fun Night, Play Fair, OCSS mural painting, and Leave Your Mark. You can also see these on display in the Mezzanine Gallery in the Commons, which, of course, commonvision also curates and organizes these exhibitions. 


Hope you all are having a great semester!