Design of the Week

We here at commonvision will be posting our "Design of the Week" here on the blog. These will be picked by someone randomly selected in the office. They can pick any design they want. To get things started, I decided to pick myself, Dwayne. The work I choose is Matt Taylor's fourth weekly design in September. What I enjoy about Matt and his work, is that you will never know what you are going to get. His style and aesthetic are all over the place, which is a good thing. I just love this little doggie. And that is saying something, as I am a cat person. Many other people loved this design as well. We had five people come into the office asking to buy one of the prints!! Which really is a great thing for these people to come and ask. (It is so easy to simply take one from the restrooms.) The people of UMBC are always great. So is this design. 


This is a "weekly," something we create for Student Life. A designer is assigned a particular month of the year and they have full discretion of what each weeks design will be. There is a book in the Student Life Office on the third floor with years worths of weeklies!! Go and check out how creative some of these have been.