Alyssa Castellano

As a Student Graphic Designer at commonvision, Alyssa coincidentally spends most of her time working on designs for UMBC student organizations, faculty, and staff. One of her favorite aspects of the job is that her coworkers constantly inspire and teach her how to become a better designer. To Alyssa's dismay, she is a senior. In May 2014, she hopes to graduate Magna Cum Laude (Cum Laude will suffice, though) with a B.A. in Visual Arts and two minors: Print Media and Writing.

Who knows what she'll do with her life after that? Ideally, she'll be living in SoCal. Realistically, she'll be entering the real world on the East Coast. In her free time, she likes to sweat; she lifts weight, spins, and occasionally runs when her asthma's behaving. Fulfilling the stereotype of the common college girl, she also loves shopping and spending time with her sorority sisters.